The original in post frame protection!

The Original

Patented in 1994 and in use in 1,000's of buildings nationwide, Plasti-Sleeve is the proven original for post protection. Plasti-Sleeve is a one piece molded plastic sleeve with an enclosed bottom designed to fit posts cleanly while still allowing ventilation. The clean fit means builders don't have to alter construction methods or worry about fit and finish of other framing members. We have done our "homework" through consultation, research, and construction to develop and refine a product that is simple to use, beneficial to Post Frame Design and low cost!


Plasti-Sleeve Offers Distinct Advantages

bulletWhatever the preservative formula give your building's wood foundation the ultimate in protection - Plasti-Sleeve.
bulletA unique modern feature that gives you a quality edge over the "basic building" package.
bulletAn easy to use product that won't interfere with the grade plank, or other framing members.
bulletMade from a high quality HDPE plastic which has an in-ground decay resistance of hundred's of years!
bulletCan help dismiss many customers concerns regarding post rot, decay, or insect attack.
bulletCan help eliminate post uplift in heavy soils and or freeze/thaw conditions.
bulletVersatility in uses: Side and end wall posts in Post Frame, porch posts, stub posts for sliding doors, deck and floor supports, mailbox posts, and many other applications.
bulletLifetime Limited Warranty on Plasti-Sleeve
bulletProtect the investment in your new building with Plasti-Sleve.

For 6x6 (S4S) solid post
Length ...................5' 6"


Another Quality Feature

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Last Updated: 02/23/2011


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