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Commercial Buildings



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80' X 180' X 22' 6" and 70' X 50' X 9'Finished Interior

66X168X18 and 80X88X18 with 16X176 Wrap Around Lean To

40 X 125 X 1454X112X16 with 16X112 Lean To46' X 40' X 17' 6"

42X72X14 with 4X24 MansardRC Buildings Office and Warehouse

24X56X10 with 2-8X56 Lean To and 6X16 Porch110X88X16

70X360X16 with 30X344 Lean To

36X64X10 with 3' Mansard72X100X12 with 6' X 40' Porch39X68X16


60X104X1450X40X10 and 50X84X18.5 and 50X72X18.5 with 16X72 Lean To

40X80X1036X32X8 and 40X64X14

60X80X1036X64X10 with 8' Porch

66X80X16 with 12X56 Office35X62X12

72X96X16 with "L" Porch36X64X10 and 28X12X10 and 12X6 Roof

42X64X14 and 24X36X9 with 4X72 Porch54X72X18 and 32X16X9

60X80X14 with 16' Porch and Mansard75X96X16 and 42X80X12

66X112X16 with 19X112 Lean To40X80X18





Last Updated: January, 2018



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